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On December 19th 2013, Facebook launched apps engagement tools. On social media, you get enough scope to drive readers to your apps. Until recently, digital catalogs were not that popular. However, the number of people who are using it can speak for themselves. Apart from keeping your readers engaged, you can woo new visitors and tell them loud and clear what you offer with a digital catalog for mobile magazine app.

Here where to start from

Begin it From Scratch

Traditionally, every entrepreneur has a product or service catalog they offer. It helps them brief about themselves to the market. Digital catalog does the same job. The only difference is the magnitude of reach. Almost 50% of your readers go mobile. Digital catalog for mobile magazine apps delivers more information about your books and magazines. While you plan for creating a magazine app, start creating a list of things that you want to include in your catalogue.

Horizontal/ Vertical

How your digital apps will appear? You want a drop down or a slider pop up catalog to showcase your products, take a decision. Both are available, try aligning it with your brand’s tone, personality and most importantly, your website design format. Choose a design format for your digital catalog that is in sync with your entire site structure.

Number of Tabs and Sub Tabs

You can create a catalog with n-numbers of tabs and sub tabs. This is where you expert can give you real picture and help you setting tans and sub tabs that are essential, not for sake of making it a broad one. Talk to an expert and get started when you can manage to provide all needed information within the minimum possible number of tabs.

Highlight and Color Match

Tabs and sub tabs are highlighted when selected. This color combination must match the entire environment of your website. Adapt to a professional look and start choosing a color for highlighting that mingles well with the exiting set up. Generally, with HTML5 or Flash flip book apps creator, you get template suggestions and color combination advice handy.

Over to you

Digital catalog helps your books and magazines get more visibility, clicks and conversion. Start planning how would it appear within your mobile magazine apps and what are the things that you want to display so that your readers stay engaged, interested and act as you want to do.

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Catalog categorizes; it classifies your products. Creating a digital catalog is beneficial for e-commerce as well online newsstand and magazine stand or e-library. You just need to care for certain things which are detailed here. In case you have confusions, take a free trial and talk to expert in order to create an easily accessible digital catalog. 


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Create a Digital Catalog for Your Mobile Magazine Apps

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This article was published on 2014/01/28